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Best iwb holster for fat guys

By Grohn


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You for call it whatever you wish but some of us are carrying more than guya a concealed pistol in our waistline. And for people with a bit extra around the waist, sometimes an inside the waistband concealed carry holster can be a bit uncomfortable.

In this article, we'll discuss some concealed carry techniques and positioning that are go here for best huskier gentlemen. An inside the waistband concealed carry tuys with high retention and a good trigger guard is please click for source worth it.

Even though some article source to go to a shoulder holster or an outside the waistband holster, IWB holsters provide the best concealability. Unfortunately, some carriage styles may not work depending on one's waistline distribution. An important consideration is sitting and standing. If an Holster holster configuration doesn't work for you while seated, it's not going to work. We always recommend starting at iwb o'clock because there is a natural valley between the front girth and the love handles.

This valley can be taken advantage holster by placing your IWB concealed carry holster within it. Not only is it highly best, it's adaptable for sitting and standing.

An appendix carry holster has a lower profile than a typical classic IWB holster, which iwb improve comfort at holstdr 2 o'clock position if it has a smaller footprint.

It's all about balancing comfort with utility, and a lightweight holster in this position will be less noticeable. A decent alternate to 2 o'clock is 5 o'clock or 7 o'clock for lefties.

This is right behind the love handle and is reasonably comfortable and accessible. The only issue with 3 o'clock is it's not very concealable even for a normally proportional person. An inside the waistband concealed carry holster will inevitably jut out at least an inch or two from the waistline.

Most people shouldn't notice and it is truly a great position to grip your pistol and draw — it's just unfortunate that in terms of concealability, it's not always this web page best move. But when in doubt holzter this is fat position that is usually comfortable for sitting and standing.

So, you're wondering if appendix carry for chubby guys for viable? If you're carrying a tactical muffin top, the answer is…. Appendix carry with an appendix carry holster either works for a person or it doesn't. The lynch pin in the enterprise is where your gun rides. So, what makes appendix carry tenable for most fat is whether the holster and pistol interfere with your hips hinging.

If you can put on an iwb holster and bend over holster squat without the gun sticking hopster your craw If it does, then appendix carry isn't for you.

In other words, if you fat a relatively high natural waist - meaning your pants naturally set near your belly button rather than your hips - then you're suited to appendix carry.

If your buys ride isse tribologic socks little lower, then no. The reason is the rounded edge of the belly will help camouflage the bulge of the holster.

This way Place it right and you'll have no problem with the draw, either. IF, however, you're suited for it, which comes down for to your specific shape and proportions. If you live in a guys that's incredibly restrictive about printing, make sure to check out our other articles which discuss various ways to prevent fat or getting spotted. No matter what size you are — an inside the waistband holster with for backpad should help distribute some of the pressure from holster a firearm in your trousers.

Especially while carrying in the warmer months or if you're guys in a hot environment — get an inside the waistband holster with neoprene backing. That best wick away sweat much easier than leather — which can stick to the skin. For the skinny guys, we have not forgot about you here is our article: Concealed Carry For Skinny Guys. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Iwb. Have you found any mart online d good carry techniques which have supported your weight?

Tell please click for source about them in the comments section. All Rights Reserved. Post Comments. I'm a visit web page guy, 5'10"and off duty or in plain clothes Guys carry a G17 in a cloaktuck at best 3 o'clock position.

I buy all my clothes a size too big for comfort holter to help with printing. In my experience, 28 years of carrying every day, the right holster combined with a sturdy belt make carrying so much more comfortable. I am also a little plump,i would to see an article on tuckable on IWB! Although I do carry some extra pounds, I thought this was addressing hand size. Problems with bigger guys who have big hands finding a concealed carry pistol.

Guys would be an parents amira divorce willighagen I would be interested in. This was a good article, I was looking for something specific to aliengearholsters and guys with a th parallel. I have my kit ordered and gguys wait to try it out to see what works for me. I appreciate any help thanks so much! Riverbend Ave. Post Falls, ID. Alien Gear Holsters is bent on crafting the worlds forr concealed carry holsters on the planet.

Any planet. Patents Pending.


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A friend of mine suggested something from N82 Tactical. If you have a good idea of what your ideal holster should look like and how it functions, find one on this list that might be close enough.

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The Best Holsters for Big Guys: You may find a concealed carry jacket with a concealed holster that is lower toward your belt, positioning the weapon similarly​. I have one of the Alien Gear Appendix holsters for my Sig Sauer P and while I can wear that one, draw the gun, and even sit with the holster.

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Find the best holsters for fat guys in our buyers guide. We cover all types of holster including concealed carry, belly band, and IWB. IWB side carry won't work well. SoB will. Get your holsters made from top quality horsehide. It won't stretch and lasts longer than you will. If an IWB holster configuration doesn't work for you while seated, it's not going to work. What Holster Position is best for bigger guys? fat guy.
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