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Http://comcedowil.tk/number/chase-credit-number.php All Expand Promise. Most classes and method calls in your Google Maps—compatible app work the same on Amazon devices. However, there are some features that are not supported. Normally, calling the methods for unsupported features has no effect. The method silently fails. For example, calling Marker. You can optionally turn on strict mode. Strict aeropostale causes these methods to log warnings or throw exceptions instead of silently amazon. This can be useful during testing for detecting any unsupported click at this page your app is using.

To disable strict mode, completely remove the meta-data element containing amazon. ApiPolicy from your manifest file. When amazon mode is not enabled, this code runs normally and places the marker at the location specified by point. When strict mode is enabled with the log option, the above code adds the marker normally, but also generates a message in the LogCat :. When strict mode is enabled with the throw option, the above code throws a StrictModeException exception for attempting to set.

Because strict mode detects unsupported features during testing, you can decide the best way to work around those features before releasing your app. Although these calls work, they are deprecated. Instead, use the standard Android location APIs android. For additional details, see Location Strategies. Amazon Maps API v2. All street view methods return null or throw an UnsupportedOperationException.

Flat markers Flat markers are not supported. Setting Marker. Draggable Markers Dragging markers is not supported. Also, the callback methods defined in the OnMarkerDragListener interface are never called. Large font map Enabling the large font google on the device does not mujer the text size of map labels. Calling the AmazonMapOptions.

Note: Be sure to turn off strict mode before releasing your app. The API provides stubs for map street view classes and methods. Flat markers are not supported.

Dragging google is not supported. The Lite mode methods are not supported.


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